His passion

Peter's passion for years has been collecting beautiful slot machines and jukeboxes. The atmosphere of the black vinyl records makes you dream about the days of yore. With one coin in the slot, the jukebox transports you right back to the days of Elvis, greasepipes and rock 'n roll.

The collection has since grown to the point where Peter could fill a veritable museum with it. The huge collection of unique slot machines and jukeboxes has already impressed many people. Would you like to see a fine specimen yourself? You can! Some of these special machines can be found at the Oostappen Group Holiday Parks.

However, it doesn't stop at this impressive collection... Indeed, in addition to his passion for slot machines and jukeboxes, Peter has an exclusive collection of old special Harley-Davidson motorbikes. Each of the motorbikes has a special appeal. The motorbikes in his collection are Harleys and Indians, dating from the years 1907 to 1948. Each motorbike gets a special place in his castle, which is currently being fully restored. He himself is also a great lover of motorcycling and regularly goes for a ride!

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