New villa Peter Gillis

Wow! This is the new home of Peter Gillis. This very luxurious villa in Neerpelt has stood empty for a number of years and is currently being brought right up to date by Peter. A project that Peter sees as a good investment.


The luxurious villa in Neerpelt

This beautiful cottage in Belgium has the allure of The White House (and, by the way, is not much inferior to it!). The plot is 5,872 m² and the living area approximately 2,400 m². Only the very best materials were used during construction, making the quality level unprecedentedly high.

Everything in this extravagant villa takes place in another dimension in terms of space, design and luxury. The villa is equipped with an elegant country kitchen, a glamorous master bedroom, beautifully tiled pool, very luxurious Turkish bath, a cinema, a fitness room with bar.... You name it!

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Wondering what this luxury villa looks like inside? Check out the beautiful impression below!