23 May 2023

New love for Peter Gillis

Neerpelt (Belgium), May 23, 2023 - Peter Gillis announces that he is in a new relationship with Wendy van Hout. After dealing with his previous relationship, Peter is open to love again. "There was immediately a special chemistry as if we had known each other well for years", Peter Gillis said.

The two met on the terrace of Oostappen Park Blauwe Meer in Lommel during the opening weekend. Wendy was looking for an annual place to make pleasant trips with her children. By chance she got talking here, after which they had a cup of coffee together. There was an immediate positive click. Wendy and Peter have the same humor and many common interests, such as entrepreneurship, trade, camping and traveling by motorhome.

Wendy van Hout was born and raised in Eindhoven. She comes from a family with two hardworking parents and an older and younger brother. She has five children from three relationships. With all her children and the fathers she has a good relationship. The eldest two (ages 19 and 17) live and study in France and regularly visit her in the Netherlands. Wendy frequently sees her three youngest sons (ages 11, 9 and 4), with whom she has free access.

From a young age, Wendy has worked at fairs and traveled with the fair family. In 2010, she began trading in bags and accessories, which grew into Finishing Touch and two clothing stores for women and children. After bankruptcy in 2017 due to too rapid growth, she started training in tattooing and a tattoo shop in 2019. Due to the lockdown, she stopped doing this. In 2021, Wendy picked up her love for fashion again and started a webshop called 365fashion.nl, which she promotes through her own TikTok channel, among others. Wendy thinks it is important to be financially independent and not to hold up her hand. "As a mother, you also have to keep doing your own thing and enriching your world," Wendy said.

Peter and Wendy are both family people and find it important to have a positive relationship with each other's children. Consequently, the children have already met each other and that went very well. Peter has also already had nice introductions with Wendy's parents.

The plans are to start living together in Peter's new villa in Neerpelt in the not too distant future. "What's good goes fast and Wendy is already completely part of the family," Peter Gillis said. Fans of the popular reality series "Family Gillis: Mass is cash" will therefore definitely see Wendy pass by in the new season.