Quote 500

Posted: 03-11-2016

"I have worked hard for this and I am proud to see that I am included". Peter Gillis, owner of Oostappen Holiday Parks, is one of the few millionaires on the Quote 500 list who is willing to talk openly about his listing. The gold framed list hangs in a prominent place in his apartment. He even sleeps with the Quote 500 under his pillow. "I think it’s a great book; I look on it as my Bible!", Says Gillis.

Peter Gillis has been included in the list since last year. He is not afraid that he may become a target for criminals due to the listing. "Anyone can obtain all sorts of information at the Chamber of Commerce. It doesn’t mean that there is a lot of money at the bank, because a great deal of money is tied up in the holiday parks. People mustn’t think that there is a lot to be had."

Gillis first appeared on the list last year at position 290, and now he has dropped to 343. He is good for 75 million euros, 1 million euros less than a year ago.

“One million has disappeared according to Quote. That might be right, because we made a loss", says Gillis. "But 2016 is looking good. Things may well be looking up again."

The latest addition of the list of the Netherlands’ richest residents is coming out today. Because it is the twentieth edition, business magazine Quote is marking the event by listing 1000 wealthy people.

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