't Gilliske

Now for sale at +/- 300 outlets in the Netherlands and online: 't Gilliske. A delicious Brabant liqueur that will make you go foxwild!

Delicious Brabant liqueur

The combination of caramel and cinnamon with hints of vanilla and almond create a unique taste. When I approve the drink you can be sure it's good!

't Gilliske is available in a bottle (0.5 and 0.7L), as a gift package with two shot glasses and as a shot, delicious for in between drinks! 't Gilliske Bucket contains 15 shots to share this fox wild experience with your friends. Cap on your nose and go!

Order 't Gilliske at hatseflatsshop.nl or at +/- 300 liquor stores in the Netherlands.

Order 't Gilliske here

Peter Gillis 't Gillske