The entrepeneur

The philosophy of Peter Gillis and his Oostappen Holiday Parks Group is that a top holiday should be accessible to everyone. The organisation is known within the sector as a contemporary and trendsetting recreational business; a business with vision.

With the appointment of a completely new team of directors the Oostappen Group is primed to take on the challenges of this rapidly changing market.

Peter Gillis, sole owner and founder of the Oostappen Holiday Parks Group, has achieved rapid growth for his business in the past thanks to his bold actions. With Hengelhoef, Brugse Heide, Blauwe Meer, Prinsenmeer, Marina Beach, Parelstrand, Arnhem, De Berckt, Heelderpeel, Boschbeek Bungalow & Camperpark  an Slot Cranendonck the group now possesses 12 well visited campings. Good for some 15,000 places in total, (635 hectares), 26,000 beds and guest capacity of 55,000 persons per day during peak season periods. The parks are well known for their extensive entertainment and amusement. Guests principally come from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Peter Gillis is currently focusing on the main lines of the business and he follows trends and developments closely in order to ensure that the organisation is ready for the more distant future.

Peter Gillis

Peter Gillis

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