Mark Gillis

Mark Gillis has lived and breathed the recreation business all his life. He has been actively involved with the holiday parks from a young age, when he worked at the parks after school and at the weekend. In order to manage successfully it is essential to master every facet of the business, such as cleaning, technical support, reception, catering etc. Nothing phases Mark and he has worked hard to gain experience in every aspect of the parks.

Having gained years of experience with Technical Support and after working on quality control for the catering activities, Mark Gillis is now capable of being operationally deployed in virtually any capacity at the parks, in support of management’s efforts to realise the desired level of quality.

Harley-Davidson motorcycles

Fan of Harley-Davidson? Peter Gillis aswell! Check out his exclusive collection of old special Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

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Season 2 is launched

You can check out season 2 of 'Familie Gillis: Massa is kassa' on the Dutch TV channel SBS6 from January 4!

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Slot machines and jukeboxes

Dive into the impressive world of beautiful slot machines and jukeboxes collected by Peter Gillis.

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